Timetable of the Sixth Arab Forum
On the prospects of electricity generation and the desalinization of seawater with nuclear energy 
During the period 6-8 December 2022, Almasa Hotel, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt

Tuesday - 6 December 2022( First Day of the Forum )

Second Session: (Presentations by the sponsors )
Moderator: Dr. Mohamed Saad Dowidar – Head of Nuclear Projects Implementation Supervision Sector – Nuclear Power Plants Authority

• ROSATOM (platinum Sponsor) – download click here.
• KHNP (Platinum Sponsor) – download click here.
• Atom Tech Alliance (Platinum Sponsor).
• Solution gate (Platinum Sponsor).
• Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (Platinum Sponsor).
• The Egyptian Association for Nuclear Risk Insurance (Platinum Sponsor).
• PGESCO (Platinum Sponsor)
• National Bank of Egypt (Patinum Sponsor).
• Hassan Allam Contracting Company (Platinum Sponsor).

Third Session: (Presentations by the sponsoring companies of the Forum)
Moderator: Dr. Hesham Hegazy – Head of Studies Sector at the Nuclear Power Plants Authority
• Petrojet Company (Platinum Sponsor)
• Arab Organization for Industrialization (Platinum Sponsor)
• NCM (golden shepherd)- download click here.
• Worley (golden shepherd)- download click here.
• China XD group (Silver Sponsor).
• TITAN2 (Silver Sponsor).
• FENSMA Corporation (Bronze Sponsor) .
• The Egyptian Nuclear Materials Authority (Bronze Sponsor) .
• The Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (Bronze Sponsor).

Fourth Session: (Arab Countries Strategies for Electricity and Water Supply)
Moderator: Eng. Sameh Saber – Head of Planning and Follow-up Sector – Nuclear Power Plants Authority.
• Dr. Ibrahim Masoud Al-Azizi – Libyan Atomic Energy Corporation organization
The Libyan National Experience- download click here.
• Dr. Sharf Al-Sherif – King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy
An overview of the National Energy Project of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
•  Dr. Awatif Al-Aidarous – Sudanese Ministry of Energy and Oil.
Sudanese National Program- download click here.
• Eng. Tamer Shmais –  Director General of Technical Cooperation – Nuclear Power Plants Authority- download click here
The Egyptian nuclear program to establish nuclear power plants for electricity generation and seawater desalination
• Dr. Aqeel Marioush Jari – Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission
The strategy of the Republic of Iraq to supply energy.

Wednesday – 7 December 2022( Second Day of the Forum )

Second Session (articles and presentations): Developing policies and planning for energy, electrical interconnection and the Arab common market for electricity.
Moderator: Dr. Mohammed Al-Yamani – President of the Arab Council for Sustainable Energy
• Eng. Jamila Matar – General Secretariat of the League of Arab States
The Pan Arab Electricity Market between Reality and Aspirations- download click here.
• Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan – Alexandria University
Knowledge Management in Nuclear Organizations: Challenges for Newcomer Countries- download click here
• ch / Awatef Alaidarous – Sudanese Ministry of Energy and Oil
Nuclear Infrastructure Development and Cooperation between Arab Countries- download click here.
• Mr. Mahmoud Swailem Mahmoud – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Technologies of Smart Electrical Power Grid- download click here
• Eng. Mohamed Khalil – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Green Architecture and Sustainable Buildings- download click here.
• Eng. Mahmoud Hobeish, Eng. Magi Rashad – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Interconnection El Dabaa NPP to the Egyptian Unified Power System download click here

Third Session (articles and presentations): Nuclear Fuel Supply Policies and Nuclear Waste Management.
Moderator: Eng. / Mohamed Ramadan – Vice Chairman of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority for Operation and Maintenance
• Ch / Dina Abdel Hamid El-Desouky – Director General of Planning at the Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Evaluation of Natural Radioactivity in North Western Coast of Egypt- download click here.
• Dr. Dina Kamel Abdel Fattah – Nuclear Power Plants Authority.
Management of spent Nuclear Fuel- download click here
• Dr. Mohamed Shawar – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
A study of The factors Affecting Fuel Cycle Cost of SMR and VVER 1200- download click here.
• Phys. Ahmed Khalil – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Drinking Water Quality – Radiological Aspects- download click here
• Dr. Ahmed Abdel Moneim Ali – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Polymeric Sorbent Nanomaterials for Radionuclides in Nuclear Power Plants  – download click here

Fourth Session: (Presentations of Local and International Nuclear Organizations).
Moderator: Prof. Salem Hamdi –  General Director of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency.
• International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)- download click here
• World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)- download click here.
• Mr. Ahmad Shah Nawaz – World Nuclear Association (WNA)- download click here
• Prof. Dr. Sami Shaaban – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Egyption Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA).
• Prof. Hamed Ibrahim Mira – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nuclear Materials Authority- download click here
• Ms. Gina Abdulsalam – Nuclear Energy Agency(NEA)–Department of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics – download click here

Fifth Session (Articles and Presentations): Economic and Financial Perspective of Nuclear Power Plants and Human Resources Development .
Moderator: Mr. Abdul Mohsen Khalaf – Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority.
• Accountant / Mahmoud Abu Seif –  Director General of Finance and Budget at the Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Financial and Economic Aspects of Nuclear Power Plant- download click here
• Eng. Idris Khalil Idris Ali – Sudanese Ministry of Energy and Oil
Human Resources for Sudan First NPP
• Dr. Mohamed Hazem El-Deeb – Arab Academy for Maritime Transport
Human Resources Evaluation Methods- download click here
• Dr. Essam Haggag – Arab Academy for Maritime Transport
The role of the Academy to prepare graduates to work in the nuclear program- download click here
• Eng. Khaled Attia – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Human Resources Development to supervise the implementation, operation and maintenance of the Dabaa nuclear plant – download click here

Sixth Session (articles & Presentations): Regulatory and legislative frameworks for nuclear activities, safety, security and nuclear safeguards.
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Sami Shaaban – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority.
• Prof. Dr. Dow Mosbah – Arab Atomic Energy Agency
Arab cooperation in the field of Readiness & Response to nuclear and radiology Emergency- download click here.
• Dr. Walid Mowafi
Method to Estimate Emergency Planning Zones and Distances for NPP- download click here
• Physicist / Mohamed Hatem Al-Naeem – Sudanese Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority.
Sudan Regulatory Framework for Nuclear Power- download click here
• Wael Kamal Abbas – Sudan Atomic Energy Authority
Research reactor Project in Sudan- download click here
• Eng. Ibrahim Awad, Amira Khaled Mohamed, Ahmed Khaled Al-Wakeel – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Software Reliability for Computer Based Systems for Safety System in NPPs- download click here.
• Eng. Ahmed Salah Ibrahim – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Cybersecurity Considerations for the Supply Chain Management in the Nuclear Power Plant Sector- download click here
• Eng. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Ayyad – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Fire protection in Nuclear Power Plants- download click here
• Dr. Adel Riahi – National Center for Nuclear Science and Technology in Tunisia
Preparation of legislative and regulatory frameworks for the Tunisian atomic energy program – download click here

Thursday - 8 December 2022(Third Day of the Forum)

Second Session (articles & presentations): Nuclear desalination , Green hydrogen production by Nuclear Energy ,Nuclear Media and public Acceptance for nuclear energy projects.
Moderator: Dr. Abdel Hamid Abbas El-Desouky –Assistant Chairman of Nuclear  Power Plants Authority for Projects and Studies.
• Mr. Francisco Janda – International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEA activities in Nuclear Desalination and Other non-electric Applications- download click here
• Dr. Yahya Al-Saee – The Designs & Engineering Consultancy Company.
Design Concept and Economical Study for ME-TVC & RO Desalination Plant Integrated with NPP- download click here
• Dr. Issa Al-Alam – Head of Developed Energy Systems Section – Jordan
– The Prospects of SMRs for Electricity Generation and Water Desalination- download click here
• Dr. Amir Khalifa Mahmoud – Nuclear Power Plants Authority.
Experimental and Economical Study of Thermal Desalination Processes Using Nuclear Energy- download click here
• Dr. Ahmed Khaled, Eng. Mahmoud Ayyad – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Nuclear Desalination Based on Nuclear Power Plants- download click here
• Eng. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Massawy – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Hydrogen Production Using Nuclear Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)- download click here
• Dr. Ahmed Saeed Mohamed Ali – Nuclear Power Plants Authority
Nuclear Energy for Clean Hydrogen Production – download click here